Monday, January 12, 2009

Planning & Zoning Meeting Tonight

The Whitehouse Planning & Zoning Commission will hear an overview of the Zoning Ordinance Update (including the proposed Town Center District) this evening during the regular 6:30 meeting. This meeting is open to the public; however, it will not include a public hearing.

The intent of the meeting is to familiarize the Commission with the proposed ordinance in anticipation of formal public hearings to be held in February. A similar review of the code will be presented to the City Council at the January 27th regular meeting.

A tentative schedule for the code adoption is as follows:

January 12th Planning & Zoning Commission
  • Review and Comments on Tables and Map

January 27th City Council
  • Review and Comments on Tables and Map

January 29th Project Website/Blog
  • Public release of deliverables online
  • tables
  • maps
  • graphics
  • code language

February 9th Planning & Zoning Commission
  • Public Hearing for Updated Zoning Ordinance
  • Possible Recommendation for Adoption

February 24th City Council (if recommended by P&Z)
  • Public Hearing for Updated Zoning Ordinance
  • Possible Adoption by City Council

All dates are tentative and subject to approval and actions by both the City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission. Firm dates will be posted to this blog as they become available. The City Secretary will post official agendas and announcements online and at City Hall.

Also of interest to blog readers, January 29th is the target date when all code related materials will be posted online for public review. The consultants and City staff hope that each interested citizen and stakeholder will take this opportunity to become familiar with the proposed code. The Team also wishes to encourage such parties to attend and participate in the upcoming public hearings in February.